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About the Company Owner 

Mr. Lustosa began working as a full-time painter in Manhattan, New York. Since then he has developed a large and loyal client base who have come to depend on his company's expert services. Mr. Lustosa has acquired exceptional ratings by obtaining employees of the highest skill level and professionalism, and providing exceptional customer service with competitive rates to his clients.  Pennsylvania license PA158605.

Humble Beginnings: A Man with a Vision

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"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

-Wayne Dyer


Mr. Lustosa took a liking to paint at the age of eighteen when a childhood friend introduced him to the discipline of restoring the facades of cars and motorcycles. During this time Mr. Lustosa's family faced financial ruin and repairing the scratches on cars and motorcycles allowed him to see a world where reinventing one's self was possible. Mr. Lustosa could look at the damaged exterior of an automobile and not assume it to be in an ultimate state of ruin but as something undergoing transition, to become beautiful and complete. Not having the financial support of his family, he was able to transform his situation by earning a decent living wage from his work as an automotive painter. 

In 2016 Mr. Lustosa sought to re-invent himself again. He left his sun-drenched coastal city of Joao Pessoa, Brazil to visit the United States. After seven months Mr. Lustosa wanted to study English so he enrolled in an English course and worked as a commercial and residential painter for an established painting company to pay for his language lessons. He was thoroughly trained and became the head of various important painting projects. His experience at the painting company helped him to realize that he was a natural-born leader, a skill he inherited from his grandfather and father who were both entrepreneurs.

After marrying his wife, Mr. Lustosa realized he wanted to create his own venture to support a family. He built Lustosa Painting out of his passion for painting and leadership which continues to be the fuel that allows his business to thrive. For Mr. Lustosa there is no greater satisfaction than seeing his paint symbolize great life transitions for the people in his community. Whether it be painting the nursery for a couple becoming parents or painting a new restaurant that will be loved by everyone in the neighborhood, Mr. Lustosa sees value in each transformation. 

Mr. Lustosa provides quality because transforming our spaces with care, precision, and beauty not only marks evolution but affects our evolution. The color of a room provides a timeless emotion, a memory, a time in life that changes. It is his mission to inspire people through the quality of his work to value the most beautiful and important things in life.